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About nono.com

What does nono.com do?
Nono.com is a website and a domain that I use as a sandbox to test and play with. I used to host other people's domains and email, and at one point I even had dial-in services, but those days are long gone.
Who is behind nono.com?
  • I (Brian Cunnie) do most of the work and all the funding.
  • Ping Mai provides backup DNS service & email service for which I can't thank him enough, and who convinced me to switch from qmail back to sendmail.
  • Neil Sherman, who in a pinch has gone over to my house to reboot the servers, was the one who originally suggested the domain name (nono.com).
I need my domain hosted—where should I go?

My friend Joe Dao recommends midphase.com.

Do not use name2host.com—two of my friends used it and their sites were down for two weeks once. And they don't have a phone number for support so it's difficult to get in touch with them when there's a problem. I'm not going to give you a hyperlink because they're so bad. On the bright side, they're 1/3 price of the next cheapest vendor.

Another friend, Marc Almgren, uses csoft. He says, "They'll do what I want for $10/mo. with no setup charges or anything."

When did nono.com go into operation?
June 21, 1996.
Why "nono.com"? What were you looking for in the name?
I was looking for the following in the domain name:
  • It had to be a name that was not already registered.
  • It had to be as short as possible (people hate to type in really long domain names). All the two-letter and most of the three-letter combinations had been taken long ago (e.g., even microsoft couldn't get "ms.com"), so I was willing to settle for a good four-letter name. But I wouldn't take anything longer than five letters.
  • It had to be easy to remember. Something like "rxpq.com" was completely unacceptable.
  • It had to be easy to spell over the phone, preferably so understandable that spelling would be unnecessary. "b4icu.com" was bad because the spelling could be mis-interpreted in so many ways (e.g. "beforeiseeyou.com" or "b4iseeu.com" or "beforeicu.com").
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